The synthesis and decomposition of signals and its application in Subei basin exploration

Bao, Xiangsheng and Liu, Quanwen and Zhou, Haiyan (2017) The synthesis and decomposition of signals and its application in Subei basin exploration. Sains Malaysiana, 46 (11). pp. 2169-2177. ISSN 0126-6039


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Subei basin is the most promising onshore oil and gas bearing basin in South China. With the deepening of exploration, subtle hydrocarbon reservoirs have gradually become the major target of exploration. Seismic record often shows low signal to noise ratio (SNR), resulting that conventional seismic records have three shortcomings in the identification of subtle reservoirs: difficult to identify small faults; difficult to show the distribution law of sand body; and difficult to find traps. In order to solve this problem, we conducted the research on signal synthesis and decomposition. The research results showed that seismic record of different frequency bands can be restored from original seismic record and both of them contain real stratigraphic information. Based on this, when a certain band or several bands in the original seismic record is affected by noise and result in the reduction of SNR of seismic record, seismic information seriously affected by noise can be abandoned, leaving only less affected seismic information to obtain seismic record with higher SNR. In the collection of actual seismic record, the low and high band seismic information is seriously affected by noise, while medium-band seismic information is less affected. Therefore, based on this, the medium-band seismic information can be restored from the original seismic record to be new record, which is called predominant frequency band seismic record. In this paper, based on the research result, the predominant frequency band seismic record was applied to the two areas of Subei basin and the result showed the research result can be used as a good instruction on well placement and the improvement of drilling success rate.

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Keywords:Low SNR; Predominant frequency band seismic record; Signal synthesis and decomposition; Subei basin; Subtle reservoirs
Journal:Sains Malaysiana
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