Artificial cultivation anti-tumor activity of Ganoderma mbrekobenum

Hu, Huiping and Liu, Yuanchao and Liang, Xiaowei and Li, Xiangmin and Mo, Weipeng and Xie, Yizhen and Zhang, Zhi and Wu, Qingping (2021) Artificial cultivation anti-tumor activity of Ganoderma mbrekobenum. Sains Malaysiana, 50 (3). pp. 723-733. ISSN 0126-6039


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Different varieties of Gandoerma have different functional effects. In this study, identification, cultivation, anti-tumor activity characterization and active constituent determination of Ganoderma specimen collected in Tanzania were carried out. The fungi specimen was identified as Ganoderma mbrekobenum by morphological and molecular methods, which was found in Ghana and was firstly reported in 2016. The fruit body was formed in artificial culture using sawdust as the main substrate at the suitable fruiting temperature of 27-30 ℃, relative humidity 85-90%, and daily processed lighting for 10 h (300-500 Lux). The fruit body of G. mbrekobenum is hard and has ordinary-yield production, uniform shapes, and high stability. The in vitro experiments showed that the extract from G. mbrekobenum fruit body inhibited cancer cell proliferation of various cells, such as HepG2, MDA-MB-231 and U87. The water extract of the fruit body was tested, and the content of crude polysaccharides was 1.12%. The data showed that G. mbrekobenum was a potential valuable variety. This is the first study that reports the cultivation method and the anti-tumor activity of G. mbrekobenum.

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Keywords:Ganoderma; Medical fungi; Polysaccharides
Journal:Sains Malaysiana
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