Understanding and appreciation of the concept of Shirk according to Mathematical theory

Ahmad Munawar Ismail, and Ismail Mohd, (2022) Understanding and appreciation of the concept of Shirk according to Mathematical theory. Islamiyyat : Jurnal Antarabangsa Pengajian Islam; International Journal of Islamic Studies, 44 (1). pp. 241-252. ISSN 0216-5636


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Shirk means associating any partners with Allah SWT. Tawhid clearly teaches us that Allah SWT does not share His Rububiah (Lordship) or divine attributes with anything or any partner. A clear example of shirk is idolatry or polytheism, that is worship of deity, god or anything other than Allah. Shirk is a paramount sin in Islam, the one unforgivable sin. However, this term is in the holy verses of the Qur’an that are “difficult” for humans to understand and appreciate. Usually, the interpretation of the word shirk will be given a description of its meaning and consequences to the perpetrator. The common interpretation is that whoever associates anything with Allah, then he has indeed committed a great sin. Muslims are also warned that indeed Allah SWT will not forgive the sin of shirk while Allah SWT will forgive all sins other than shirk, for whom he wills. In effect, all doors of paradise are shut to those who commit shirk. This article is related to the debate on shirk and its significance according to Islamic law and mathematical measurements. The analysis and findings of the study in this article are obtained through the methods of content analysis, document analysis and vectors concept in mathematics. The vectors concept in mathematics has been chosen as a tool to decipher this term to the maximum extent possible. It was chosen because a vector has elastic properties, is easy to set up and is representative of the matter relating to shirk. Therefore, it can be used to explain the definition, interpretation and consequences of shirk. The results of the study show that shirk is not only placed in the category of major sins in Islamic law but also the position of the perpetrators of shirk is considered as insulting Allah SWT and the religion of Islam. This position can not only be assessed from the Islamic law viewpoint but also through mathematical measurements, formulas and arguments. Through mathematical measurements it is impossible for us to assign partners to Allah, except by those who are very stubborn and intend to insult Allah. In this paper, the arguments are given based on mathematical knowledge that indeed human beings should not commit shirk not only because of its consequences, but also because it involves Allah as the Creator of all creatures as well as all other creation.

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Keywords:Qur’ān; Shirk; Sin; Vector; Uncountable; Mathematics
Journal:Islamiyyat ; Jurnal Antarabangsa Pengajian Islam; International Journal of Islamic Studies
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