Penggunaan zon pinggir pantai dan pengurusannya di kawasan Pulau Bengkalis, Riau, Indonesia

Deni Efizon, and Jamaluddin Md. Jahi, and Alit Hendri Yani, (2002) Penggunaan zon pinggir pantai dan pengurusannya di kawasan Pulau Bengkalis, Riau, Indonesia. Malaysian Journal of Environmental Management, 3 . pp. 107-123. ISSN 1511-7855

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The aims of this research are to identify types and conflicts in coastal zone usages in Pulau Bengkalis area, Riau, Indonesia. The research is carried out by using survey method through sampling to obtain primary data on water quality, mangroves forests, soil quality and society’s perception in relation to fishery activities. This study had identified a number of usages such as agriculture, aquaculture, settlement, industry, port, tourism, natural vegetation and open, spaces. Fisheries in the area are divided into two, that is either fishing activity or aquaculture. Aquaculture is divided into either rearing of fish in ponds or in floating cages. Some of the usages are in conflict with one another due to either improper development plan or they are not planned or managed properly. The Pulau Bengkalis area has a great potential to be developed for aquaculture: good water quality, soil and mangrove, and supported by public. Although aquaculture development is still at its infancy precautionary measures should be used in its management. It is suggested that the authority formulate a guideline on the development of aquaculture taking into considerations of areas that may be used for such activity. It is deemed necessary that the use of areas for aquaculture development must take into account numerous aspects, especially ecology. A good management practice is the application of silvofishery system also known as “Wanamina” system that combines mangrove vegetation (wana) and the rearing of shrimps or fish (mina). The existence of various types of coastal zone usages will render management efforts more complicated. As a measure to intercept the possibility of problems it is also suggested that a holistic and integrated coastal zone management system be formulated and applied

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