The efforts of ancient Arab scholars in general and grammarians in particular in the rooting of the theory of textual grammar

Aida Saeed Albasli, (2022) The efforts of ancient Arab scholars in general and grammarians in particular in the rooting of the theory of textual grammar. Jurnal Antarabangsa Kajian Asia Barat, 14 . pp. 237-261. ISSN 2229-8924


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The scholars of Arabic, in the past and in the present, paid great attention to the concept of the text, and gave it great care, even if they did not state the modern term for it. The scholars of Arabic have realized since ancient times that the text is the complete and final picture by which the understanding takes place, and through it communication takes place between the members of the linguistic group. It’s manifested meanings, then installed to match the purpose for which the text was built, for each station there is an article, and they also paid attention to the novel, the news and the hadith, and they boasted of eloquent speech. Their texts aim to achieve the benefit, and convey the verbal or written message to the recipient, with defining the intent and the will, and the multiple textual means are what distinguishes the text for them from others, achieve its unity and comprehensiveness, and testify to it with eloquence, quality and approval of Arabic. The Arab heritage defined the text as a coherent and harmonious linguistic structure according to a special pattern, characterized by structural features that make it a distinct entity. Just as our Arabic approach is toward a sentence, and toward a text together. The text that the creator creates is not created by a single word. Creativity takes place from the combination of words and vocabulary inside the sentences, then the sentences follow into systems and weave a system into a coherent rope integrated systems that amount to being a text, and this is what I have proven This study, which collected a lot of scholars’ opinions and sayings, and examined them closely, to confirm the knowledge of grammarians in modern grammatical theory, its principles and concepts, and to prove their awareness of the science of the text. They presented many principles and frameworks for an integrated textual Arabic grammatical theory. They did not put their efforts into a well-defined, well-defined linguistic theory of ideas called ‘text theory’.

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Keywords:Text concept , Syntax , Sentence and speech boundary , Systems theory , Communicative language , Textual grammatical theory
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