Characterization and mycotoxin analysis of Fusarium spp. from highland areas in Malaysia

Nurhazriati Manshor, and Nurul Farizah Azuddin, and Masratul Hawa Mohd, and Nik Mohd Izham Mohamed Nor, and Latiffah Zakaria, (2022) Characterization and mycotoxin analysis of Fusarium spp. from highland areas in Malaysia. Malaysian Applied Biology, 51 (3). pp. 89-106. ISSN 0126-8643


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Fusarium isolates from highland areas in Malaysia were mostly recovered from two species of grasses, Elyhordeum montanense and Paspalum conjugatum. The isolates were grouped into four morphological groups. Based on TEF-1α sequences, morphotype 1 isolates were molecularly identified as F. graminearum species complex, morphotype 2 as F. venenatum, morphotype 3 as F. avenaceum and morphotype 4 as F. kyushuense. Restriction analysis of the Intergenic Spacer region showed high levels of genetic diversity of isolates in F. graminearum species complex and F. venenatum. For mycotoxin analysis, only F. avenaceum and F. kyushuense produced beauvericin and moniliformin (0.869 & 0.321 μg/kg, respectively). Zearalenone was produced by 32 isolates of F. graminearum species complex (0.002 – 0.437 μg/kg), two isolates of F. venenatum (0.006 - 0.014 μg/kg) and F. kyushuense (0.006 μg/kg). Only F. avenaceum isolate produced fumonisin B1 (0.001 μg/kg). The present study indicates the occurrence of Fusarium species commonly reported in highland areas in Malaysia where the weather is cooler and the temperature is lower than in the lowland areas. To our knowledge, this is the first report on the occurrence of phylogenetic species within F. graminearum species complex, F. venenatum, F. avenaceum and F. kyushuense in Malaysia.

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Keywords:Fusarium graminearum species complex; Fusarium venenatum; Fusarium avenaceum; Fusarium kyushuense; Highland areas; Mycotoxin
Journal:Malaysian Applied Biology Journal
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