The diversity and distribution of fish at the port and urbanized areas of Pulau Pinang Strait, Malaysia

Muzzalifah Abd Hamid, and Amir Shah Ruddin Md Sah, and Izwandy Idris, and Siti Azizah Mohd Nor, and Mazlan Abdul Ghaffar, and Ngo, Casey Saik Peng and Shahril Mod Husin, (2023) The diversity and distribution of fish at the port and urbanized areas of Pulau Pinang Strait, Malaysia. Sains Malaysiana, 52 (4). pp. 1047-1058. ISSN 0126-6039


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Marine fish in Malaysian waters are impacted by various stressors, including resource exploitation, urbanization and industrialization. Therefore, this study examines the fish diversity and distribution at five sampling stations with different natural processes and anthropogenic activities in the coastal waters of Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. A total of 669 fish specimens belonging to 47 species from 23 families were collected using drift nets in two sampling periods from October to November 2017 and October to November 2019. The fish abundance is determined based on the catch per unit effort, (CPUE ind/hour). Among the dominant families, Leiognathidae and Ariidae accounted for 21.22 and 14.44 of the total catch, respectively. Three fish species, namely, Eubleekeria splendens, Anodontostoma chacunda, and Pennahia anea, dominated the catches. The CPUE near the ongoing reclamation projects and landfill was lower than that of the port and industrial areas with mangrove estuaries. The dendrogram clearly differentiated the fish species composition between the reclamation sites and natural shorelines. Given no previous research on the fish distribution along the Pulau Pinang strait featuring different habitat types, this study therefore serves as a contemporary fish assemblage for future research and surveys.

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Keywords:Fish diversity; Mangrove; Pulau Pinang strait; Reclamation; Urbanization
Journal:Sains Malaysiana
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