Sense of community through neighborhood center

Farkisch .N, and Che-Ani .A.I, and Ahmadi .V, and Surat .M, and Tahir .M.M, (2011) Sense of community through neighborhood center. Jurnal Rekabentuk dan Binaan, 4 . pp. 23-31. ISSN ISSN : 1985-6881


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Understand and perception of place happened due to connection between Humans and their surrounding environment. In this study, feature of a neighborhood center as community is considered as the base of research. Against conducted researches just through attention to physical factors cannot achieve to cohesion and sense of place. In this paper argued that physical place affected by social relations of people. People’s activities also are effective in their environmental perception. For recognizing the sense of place dimension have reviewed argument and results of scholars. In this paper analyzed researches that have done, to some extent. Furthermore, in the important part of those researches Sense of place has three dimensions include, (identity, attachment, dependence) and measurement has done with another dimension such as the social relation (activity, behavior, and habit), and sense of community. At the final we draw important factors to measurement of sense of place relation income principle that existed in the neighborhood center. This analysis will be investigated with the effect of a variable on another variable. The aim is benefited of places potential to strengthen the people’s feeling about their environment. Thereupon local community is formed due to neighborhood capabilities. Hierarchy of human needs, lead to enact roles of sense of place by social context for making sustainable urban.

Item Type:Article
Keywords:Neighborhood Center; Sense of community; Sense of Place; Social Behavior; Social Relation.
Journal:Jurnal Rekabentuk dan Binaan ; Journal of Design & Built
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