Synthesis and characterisation of some diorganotin bis(N- methyl 0-nitrobenzohydroxamate)

Elhadi Elba Saad, and Y. Farina, and Ibrahim Baba, and Abdul Hamid Othman, (2003) Synthesis and characterisation of some diorganotin bis(N- methyl 0-nitrobenzohydroxamate). Sains Malaysiana, 32 . pp. 79-86. ISSN 0126-6039

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Diorganotin(IV) complexes of N-methyl o-nitrobenzohydroxamic acid were synthesised by refluxing diorganotin(IV) oxide and the free ligand using a Dean and Stark water separator. The N-methyl o-nitrobenzohydroxamic acid was derived from the corresponding o-nitrobenzoyl chloride and N­methylhydroxylamine in the presence of sodium hydrogen carbonate. The isolated complexes were characterized by elemental analysis and spectroscopic methods such as infrared, lH and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance. Results of analysis carried out on the diorganotin(IV) complexes of N-methyl o­nitrobenzohydroxamic acid showed a 1:2 stoichiometry with general formula R2Sn[O-NO2C6P4CONCH3O]2 (R= methyl, n-butyl and phenyl). The coordina­tion mode occurs by deprotonation of the hydroxy group and subsequent (0,0) coordination of the carbonyl oxygen. Attempted recrystallization of n­dibutyltin(IV) bis(N-methyl o-nitrobenzohydroxamate) from a mixture oftolu­ene and methanol yielded amorphous solids.

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