Assessing and comparing PM10 pollutant behaviour using functional data approach

Norshahida Shaadan, and Sayang Mohd. Deni, and Abd Aziz Jemain, (2012) Assessing and comparing PM10 pollutant behaviour using functional data approach. Sains Malaysiana, 41 (11). pp. 1335-1344. ISSN 0126-6039


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This study highlights the advantage of functional data approach in assessing and comparing the PM10 pollutant behaviour as an alternative statistical approach during and between the two extreme haze years (1997 and 2005) that have been reported in Selangor, state of Malaysia. The aim of the study was to improvise the current conventional methods used in air quality assessment so that any unforeseen implicit information can be revealed and the previous research findings can be justified. An analysis based on the daily diurnal curves in place of discrete point values was performed. The analysis results provided evidences of the influence of the change in the climate (due to the El-Nino event), the different levels of different emission sources and meteorological conditions on the severity of the PM10 problem. By means of the cummulative exceedence index and the functional depth method, most of the monitoring stations for the year 2005 experienced the worst day of critical exceedences on the 10th of August, while for the year 1997 it occurred between 13th and 26th September inclusively at different dates among the stations.

Item Type:Article
Keywords:Air quality; behaviour; exceedences; functional data; PM10 pollutant
Journal:Sains Malaysiana
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