The COMBI Approach in Managing Dengue Cases in an Urban Residential Area, Nilai, Malaysia.

Rozita Hod, and Hidayatulfathi Othman, and Nurul Azimah Jemain, and Mazrura Sahani, and Kamarulismail Udin, and Zainudin Mohd Ali, and Er, Ah Choy and Zailiza Suli, (2013) The COMBI Approach in Managing Dengue Cases in an Urban Residential Area, Nilai, Malaysia. International Journal of Public Health Research, 3 (2). pp. 347-352. ISSN 2232-0245



Dengue is a disease propagated by vectors namely Aedes spp. mosquitoes.One of the effective approaches to control dengue is through integratedvector management and intervention programs. COMBI or Communicationfor Behavioral Impact is a strategic approach to control the Aedes population as well as dengue cases. This study was conducted at Taman Desa Kolej, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, an suburban residential area to determine the effectiveness of COMBI, by using questionnaire and entomological survey as well as implementation of an intervention program. We carried out activities such as the establishment of COMBI promoter team, clean up events, talk shows with the residential community and distributed pamphlets containing information about dengue. Results indicated significant difference (p<0.05) on the knowledge, opinion and practices about dengue among the residents, for the pre and post intervention program. The entomological survey showed that, the primary mosquito species in this area was Aedes albopictus which comprised of 78(31%) of the total mosquitoes examined, followed by Culex gelidus of 58(23%), Culex quinquefasciatus of 37 (14.7%) and Aedes aegypti of 21(8.3%). The density of Aedes population did not show any significant difference. In conclusion, COMBI intervention was effective in controlling dengue cases in Taman Desa Kolej.

Item Type:Article
Keywords:Dengue - Survey - Aedes spp. - COMBI approach.
Journal:International Journal of Public Health Research
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